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Usualy occurs very late at night when you start thinking very bizarre things such as the idea of flying pigs or monkeys 10 feet tall that can talk. Or something you may not feel comfatable with all of a sudden seems cool, such as maybe giving your Dad a blowjob, or possing naked in front of your whole class, this usualy leads to uncomfatable dreams, or just dreams that are just past walking the walls.
Can usualy occur to anyone and not just those on drugs, not to be comfused with an "eds dream"
After entering {surreal mode} and thinking about perhaps it being a good idea to drive a flying car into school and make out the teacher, I fell into a deep and had rather detailed and distubring dream about the school being invaded by aliens and having to save it by getting everyone into flying cars. Boy what a night.
by Anonymous454234 September 01, 2010
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