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what music fans(usually assholes) say because they dont like to get music for free from programs such aslimewire or bittorrent
these people would rather spend 20 dollars on cd's(this money supports the artist) for the artist to live well and the music fan lives like shit why would a music fan support thier favorite artist when the artist has lots of money, they dont need more you know?
person a)i just downloaded tons of song on limewire!!!this sure bets the hell outof paying for music thank god for limewire

person b)fuck you asshole limewire is ilegal i support the artist by buying thier cds for 20 bucks each im broke but my favorite artist is rich so im happy my money will inspire him to make more songs

person a) yeah for people like me to download for free
by TiTyRon September 15, 2009
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