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1. a person who is extremely addicted to drugs, narcotics, or any form of substance that may alter ones perception.

2. someone who goes to a parties high off their ass and then drinks to the point of intoxication or until the booze is gone and THEN leaves to another place to find more drugs and alcohol.

3. the spawn of a crackhead and a tweaker.

4. the superfiend will have wild uncombed hair, a stench that can be smelled for miles, the look of a startled animal, and the voice of troll.

5. er to the nesto

6. someone who fabricates wild stories that involved them on drugs and alcohol when in reality was just a hallucination.

7. someone who fiends beyond comprehension.

8. The combination of 9000 fiends.

the super fiend 9000 comes from a long line of super fiends.

the super fiend can only be destroyed by making the person take a shower and read a book.
God damn put down the pipe super fiend 9000!

Oh shit hide your weed its super fiend 9000!

Super fiend 9000 I think it is time for you to stop doing drugs.

Oh snap, look at that super fiend 9000 running down the street naked with that crack pipe.

Who invited the SUPER FIEND 9000, he is sucking up all the booze at the party.
by thejavage February 22, 2010
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