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(v) To protect or overprotect a boy/girlfriend in fear that he/she might find interest in someone else. Especially when that boy/ girlfriend has done something foul to the other partner in their relationship, or might generally be involved with someone else. That's where the "super" aspect comes in.

Another way of super cuffing is enduring messed up things from the partner, like staying in the relationship when everyone around you can tell that it's not working out for the both of you. Can cause other people to become sick to their stomach actually. It's quite sad because there is virtually no way you can stop someone from cuffing when it reaches this stage.
"Sammi: Why are you with me? | Ronnie: I'm in love with you. Why? I can't help the way I feel." - Jersey Shore Example of Super Cuffin

"One of my baddest women ever, I call her Rihanna/ But that's because her name is Rihanna." - Drake 'Made Men' <-- Prime Example of Super Cuffin
by theycallmeTUNE January 05, 2011
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