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The worst possible food to bring to a party. I you are going to a party where you absolutely hate the host/hostess, bring a large bowl of these tasty treats for the guests to share! I believe Walmart carries them in bulk. It will instantly be a hit and before you know it, the whole bowl will be devoured if you have friends like I do.

Twenty five minutes later, all hell will break lose. If the house that the party has a ratio of one bathroom per person at the party, you'll be fine. If it doesn't, I'm sorry. Anyone who has a digestive system and consumed more than ten of these little devils, will have explosive diarrhea for approximately the next twelve hours. I'm not exactly sure why these aren't illegal in the US yet but they aren't. You'll start sweating and the urge to splurge will overwhelm you. If you make it to the bathroom in time, you'll be there for a while so if you can speak, call a family member/freind to cancel your school/job for the next day because there is recovery time needed.
How'd the party go?
Jack pulled the sugarless gummy bear one again..ughhh..
Is everyone still there?
by b*tchbetterhavemahmoney March 10, 2016
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