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Someone who does what ever people tell them to do to please other people instead of themselves. The sugar cookie getter also let's other's influence their thoughts and preceptions about life. The sugar cookie getter gets NOTHING in return for their "eager to please" like actions, basically a do-boy and or do-girl. A sugar cookie getter is more likely to be a high school freshman, a person with low self-esteem, or just a stupid provincial bitch.

used in Dave Chappelle's 'Making the Band' skit
Diddy: I want y'all to run to Brooklyn to get me a sugar cookie

Dylan: Sugar cookie mon! I didnt come to New York to be no sugar cookie getter, I am a rapper

Person 1: I heard Jazmine & Branden are sugar cookie getters

Person 2: Word? How so

Person 1: Because they listen to other people opinions about how to live their lives
by Kita/Dria9293 April 13, 2010
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