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stupidly educated:

(verb; past tense)

- describes the learning experience (and/or present cognitive state) of person who was duped into believing lies, nonsense and ideas which have no merit or basis in sound evidence, real experience, accurate observation, proper rationality or good reason; as a result, these people generally predominantly think about important matters illogically and irrationally, due to being indoctrinated by their education system, their political affiliations, their religion, their society, etc.
Ex. 1

Jim: Did you know that Stephen Hawking thinks that the Universe started from nothing and that we could all get sucked into a Black Hole?
Bob: Yes.

Jim: Why do you think that is?
Bob: That's easy. Stephen is 'stupidly educated'.


Ex. 2

Jim: Did you know that Jane thinks that one man can sacrifice himself and die, to forgive another man's crimes and sins?
Bob: Yes.

Jim: Why do you think that is?
Bob: That's easy. Jane was 'stupidly educated'.


Ex. 3

Jim: What is with the kids and adults who can barely communicate, think and speak clearly, these days?
Bob: That's easy. Most people have become 'stupidly educated'.
by GlennyJ December 06, 2013
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