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Said after a funny, random, weird, dumb, gossipy, unusual, crazy, idiotic, clumpsy, awkward or out of line comment or action. It means ook in a sarcastic sense. It also can be used to mean straight or ok. "That was a striz J" meaning that was a striaght or ok J. Striz out or striz said after a random happening or sayin is generally mocking the incident in a funny sarcastic way. So if someone says i like bikers shorts, then usually one of us will respond with a striz or strizout, mockin the comment and amplifying its use.

i farted......"ur striz"
i love men........"ur not striz at all"
i wanna drink and then snipe people......"striz"

Cops are here.....striz out
by Dvsone December 30, 2005
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