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female species that tend to do a lot of drugs and take their clothes off for public enjoyment in a club while worshiping their god <money>
known to surround military bases in the event that the militant ones need to see vagina because they cant make it home to wife or girlfriends

also entice old folk who are not happy with their relationships or marriage

come in nice and mean flavor
all shapes and sizes .... many with large tattoos
tend to wear extremely large heels and carry little purses
have boob-jobs or want boob-jobs overly worried about their bodies

they do not like house fees and have no problem causing trouble to customers because they think they are badass
The strippering vagina held the pole tightly between her legs as she extended her body upside down on the stage.
The strippering vaginas are surrounding the outside of the base so that our violence does not pour out into society.
by maskerbator August 22, 2011
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