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1. One of a legendary, mysterious secret brotherhood dedicated to the overthrow of the triangle theory and the debunkment of the "glamorous, empowered stripper: desperate, 'pathetic loser' customer" mythos prevalent in strip clubs. Or simply put, any dick-slingling outlaw who's made a habit of fucking strippers under the lauded noses of the stripping establishment(i.e., the wanna-be pimping staff & owners,the nay saying ass kissing flunkies/junkies and of course, the strippers themselves.
2. A man who has conquered 2 or more exotic dancers sexually.
Stripper fuckers exist, son. They're like the strip club equivalent of the Illuminati, or the Massod, or the Sith, but they're out there. Don't let the disparaging talk of the "industry insiders", "mack-to-nigts", "wanna be pimp employees" or the
goddamned self important "empowered" goddesses and their armies of fawing, adulatory "flunkie/junkie" worshippers, fans and friends put any doubt in your mind. In every city, in evry strip club scene, yea, in every club itself, there's bound to be one or two about. Wreaking havok with the "sisterhood"!
by seamus shane December 01, 2006
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