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The yuppie in a yuppie, or preppie, upper, or upper-middle, class neighborhood who wears Northface, Bass Pro Shop, Nike, or some other brand named, ultra expensive, gear or shoes in an attempt to look as if they are cool fitness pro runners. However, when you actually watch them run, they can't run, but rather "jog" super slowly as if they are really old, out of shape, or have some condition that prevents them from breaking out into a full run.
Go to any upper scale neighborhood during the moring or afternoon and look for the people attempting to run in that neighborhood. "Like, OMG Buffy, my million dollar mansion doesn't chafe me as much as these Nike shorts do while I am being a street jogger, jogging lamely through these streets!" *Note, if you do see someone actually in an all-out run--they are probably a real athlete/should be really wearing the clothes they earned by actually working out.
by Retrogurl February 12, 2014
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