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The extremely adverse effects of womanhood that result in emotional devastation to all those surrounding. Much like an atomic bomb, but slightly more frightening. Targets anyone who does not share the problem. Occurs frequently and can be prepared for by boarding up windows and removing all sharp objects. You should also avoid doing anything aggravating to a victim of SMB. && resembles strawberries.
Stupid man victim: Can you pass the salt?

Ticking SMB: Am I fucking here to serve you, you lazy bastard!!! Do you know the fuckin pain I am in you dumb fucking fuck!!! Do you really love me!!!!! And were you lying when you said these pants didn't make me look fat!!?!


Stupid man victim: Uhh um shit. Sorry? Salt , bad, got it?? I love you? ummmmm..... is it that time of the....


Stupid man victim dies tragic death far too horrific to describe. Strawberry muffin bomb strikes again!!!
by smbvictims February 17, 2008
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