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A sexual act in which a man has intercourse with a woman while on her menstrual cycle. Before ejaculation the man withdraws his penis, draws a parring knife, and proceeds to hack at the base of his penis until the member is detached. The man then raises fore-mentioned member to his oral cavity and blows through the urethra, releasing a shower of both his blood and his partners menstrual blood like confetti. He then takes the hollowed shaft and dices it into small cube shape pieces. Once diced the woman's left breast is filleted from the body and also hollowed. The penis cubes are then gently placed inside the hollow breast which is promptly sewn into a pouch. The menstrual blood is then used to paint festive decorations onto the pouch, which is then express mailed to small Mexican children to be used as a pinata.
Man#1: How was your date last night?

Man#2: Rather festive but I am experiencing a slight pain in my neither regions.

Man#1: Why's that, cheif?

Man#2: I had my first strawberry celebration.

Brad: Story of my life! Zing!
by Jimatt Walhofer July 01, 2008
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