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In gaming or in life, instead of rage quitting you call out a gamer or group as "Straight out of the Can" instead of calling them "trash" or "garbage" due to trolling, stupidity or their just chillin' and not contributing to the effort.
"...this group of randoms are so bad they are 'straight out of the can'. Random replies "...what chu mean!??" You reply "straight out of the Trash Can..."
by FujiYugi May 26, 2018
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In gaming or life, a person or group so bad at whatever that in utter frustration you either want to rage quit but instead type in public chat "You are straight out of the CAN". They then ask in anger "Whatcha' mean?!?!", and you say "The Trash Can". You know, like Oscar the Grouch.
You say to the randoms in this mission 'You Guys are "Straight out of the Can" . You suck!!!'
by FujiYugi May 25, 2018
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