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One who stops for a little conversation when they bump into someone on the way to somewhere. Usually it's a quick and instinctive descision if the stop n chat will go down or not, usually because one of the two parties dont want to stop and chat, and therefore will try some sort of avoidance.
Person 1: I knew I shouldn't have trusted you to be here on time...
Person 2: I would have been here on time, honest, but i ran into Charlie on the way here, and he forced me into a stop n chat.
by Yalts March 30, 2008
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When you see a person walking toward you from a distance who is either your friend or thinks you actually want to hear thier opinion about EVERYTHING; You can't ignore them so you have to stop and chat with that person for a short period of time or else a serious argument will occur on a later date.
Damn, I got caught in a stopn' chat with that slut Lisa yesterday, she thinks I like her. I had to or else she'd bitch my ear off later.
by Dan Z. May 20, 2005
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