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1. Big Timberland boots with golden laces, usually purple in color or so called "Timbalands". Used by African-Americans living in da ghetto when a white person or cracka invades their territory. They then proceed to stomp the
white person out while wearing "demz stompin' boots".
2. Boots made for chillin in da hood

White Person (lost) : Hi, do you know how to get back onto the highway?
Tyrone: Wat! Cracka
White Person: Sorry, I didn't understand
Tyrone: if u be invadin my hood den u be gettin some stompin wid my stompin boots
(proceeds to put on his size 15 purple Timberland boots with gold laces)
(Then spends 10 minutes cleaning them)
(Then stomps da cracka out)
by I Iz. Stompin' March 07, 2009
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