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The biggest paycheck you can get at your own workplace. Nobody is allowed to make more money than that.

It refers to 80's and 90's WCW Wrestling star "Sting" (aka Steve Borden)
Sting was known as the highest paid employee at WCW (WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING)

When former WWE wrestlers would seek employment with WCW. They would lie and tell the other members of the WWE locker room that they were getting "Sting Money" for quitting Vince McMahon's company and jumping to Ted Turner's company.

This was a tactic used to get people gossipping, in order to recieve a bigger Counter money offer from McMahon by falsely-inflating the amount of money.

"Sting Money" is alleged to be $750,000 per year by former WCW Executive Vice President. Eric Bischoff
Scott Hall: "Hey yo should give your notice today. Ted Turner is offering me STING MONEY to leave New York to go wrestle in Atlanta"

Kevin Nash: "STING MONEY?! WOW! Even Ric Flair doesn't get paid STING MONEY!"
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by rdu3 June 01, 2018
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