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UUUUUHHHH thats the stuff. By far the most useful upgrade for Terran marines and firebats in Starcraft that when researched makes them more effective killers. They fire and move faster and do things you never thought they could do. Marines in large numbers that are 3-3 with stim pack and U-238 shells researched are pretty much unstoppable. Only negative attribute is the fact that it takes away 10 health from the user.
Stim packed bats make quick work out of zealots n zerglings.

Stim packed marines pwn mutas.

All surviving marines and firebats that have seen alot of combat become battle fatigued and abuse stim packs later in life.
by Rega May 22, 2007
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n. Any form of injected or inhaled drugs. Derrived from the stimpack used by marines in Starcraft to enhance their speed.

See also stim.
Aw, the stimpack's gonna have him up there for ages!
by Arxces July 29, 2005
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