A private school in Richmond VA that all the kids who couldn’t get into schools, such as saint Christopher’s or saint Catherine’s, go. Steward kids love to crash parties for schools like trinity episcopal and stc. They are typically seen with freeman highschool kids, because both of these schools love marijuana. Steward consists of about 50% potheads 40% complete assholes and 10% decent people. Steward is also fairly decent in most sports regardless of its udder lack of social skills.
A typical conversation between steward kids:
Steward school kid: “Hey man are you going to that trinity party on Saturday, I heard there’ll be HELLA alc”
Other TSS kid: “Idk man I already planned a smoke sesh with the crew”
by Urmom223 September 27, 2019
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A chavvy school that acts asif they are some sort of private grammar school, Mrs Erwood the head of this chav school can be found in her room full of frogs.
The chav capital of the worlds chavviest school. (Stewards School
by Whatareyousayingdoe November 29, 2011
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