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an amazing, perfect couple that will make super attractive babies. sweet to each other and will never lie no matter what the case is. love to eat food together. respectful and loyal to one-another. if you ever separate them, may start to "stalk" each other, they might become miserable and make others around them miserable also, and will not stop thinking about each other. they have almost the same interests in one-another. may say they will do things to/for one-another, but when they meet up, they will not go that far just to save their relationship or just be nice. even if they aren't married or dating, they'll still believe/act like they are. if u ever meet this combination, be blessed and DO NOT ever separate them from one-another.
Is that steven and gabriele making-out? Damnnnn, finally!!
by pedifile in your neighborhood November 25, 2013
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