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Someone who frequents Starbucks so often, they know drink specials and even have memorized prices and special orders. They might forget a close friend's birthday, but they know when PSL comes out. (And if you know what PSL means).
"Holy Crap, here come Brittany! Make sure her double half-caff frappucino with extra whip, and caramel sauce is ready"
"I see her! God, she is SUCH a STARBUCKS SLUT"
by Stereotypical White Person October 16, 2013
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Someone who uses people only for payment of Starbucks coffee. Someone who throws all the ethics of spreading their legs for some good coffee beans
The man thought she was his friend, only to find out that she was only a Starbucks Slut
by Coffee Realist November 30, 2017
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