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A usually obnoxiously fat, unkempt, non hygienic person who permeates a foul stench of intoxicating body odors that lingers long after they leave. They are usually unassuming to knowing they wallow in their own stink so long they don't even recognize it.
Unassuming person: "Well goddamn!! What in the holy trenches of war is that smell!?"

Witness: "Oh, that was the walking slaughterhouse that came in buying their 3 packs of Pall Mall red 100's and 52oz refill of Mountain Dew."

"They come in twice a day and smell like a giant sardine cock hate fucking a roadkill shit sundae on a 110 degree day, a real stank hunk."
"Let me get a gallon of Eau de Cologne spray real quick. "

Now assuming person vomits in their mouth.
by D34T#3V4N December 27, 2017
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