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a hidden community on instagram where stans hype up their faves and create online mutuals from internet strangers

if stan twt is too much for you, join stan ig. filled with people who stan musical artist, tv shows, and even books if you’re feelin’ nerdy.

unlike stan twt, you may use capital letters, but never laughy emojis etc. (otherwise you’re a local)

filled with pictures of their faves followed by reaction images such as love memes.

not as direct as twitter, shade & indirects only. still lots of arguing
stan ig post:“omg baekhyun went off. vocal king he ended and outsold your faves.”
followed by 22 likes and comments that resemble these:
tea sis
“this IS it”
“stan exo”
“i’m being fed”
“skinny king, he went off”
“stream they never know by exo”
“vocal king”
“*** could never”
“What did you censor?”
“we got a local on our hands.”
by baekacaek July 24, 2018
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