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St. John Fisher College is a small school with just over 2,500 undergraduate students located in the small village of Pittsford, NY. It's pretty simple, if you attend Fisher, your probably a douche bag. The guys who chose Fisher did so because of the 60/40 ratio of women to men. If you're a girl at Fisher you're probably either an athlete or in the nursing program. Fisher is known for its dining hall which leaves students with the feeling of having to shit their pants before even leaving the table. Overall, student's at Fisher spend their time doing one of three things

1. Dicking around in Cyber Cafe before a class
2. Sitting on the toilet to excrete the "Lackmann Laxatives"
3. Dorm drinking 7 days a week wishing academics weren't a thing

St. John Fisher is a beautiful place to be. With a safety and security squad looking to torment any student under 21 who touches alcohol to their lips and any student who's car is parked 6" outside of their designated lot, Fisher is a very safe, small, and loving community

St. John Fisher College has such a small campus that you can take a shit, grab a bite to eat, and make it to class all in under 10 minutes
by BuffaloBills01 January 18, 2017
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