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referring to (usually an officer) in the SS or Shutz Staffel or "protective squad" of WWII Nazi Germany era.
The SS were Heinrich Himmlers elite quasi-army or military fource with divisions from the SS-Einzatsgruppen (Death Squads) the Gestapo (Military Police or Secret Police Units of the SS) to the Waffen-SS, which was nothing more then an elitist Conventional-type fighting army that participated in every front of WWII that germany was involved. The phrase "SS Man" or "SS Men" is sometimes a self given or self used title/designation one would have use to refer to themself or a fellow SS member/members. Also Used in the context of "SS Men"
Ex. 1:
"I saw some guys at the bar in their black uniforms, they were SS Men.
Ex. 2:
Jewish Family Member 1:I really like our new neighbor. But he seems to be gone a lot.
Jewish Family Member 2: Yeah he is, be careful, hes probibly an SS Man.
Jewish Family Member 1: But i told him we were jews!
by LeibstandarteAdH March 15, 2007
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