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easy cliche

instead of spending time on character development in films, californication wastes it all on special effects, advertising, big whee names.

even names like "untalented piece o' shit wife of famous dood" which with each expression, movement and sound is the epitome of a squished squirrel.
"Unfortunately, John Q goes for the easy cliche almost every time.

I delayed watching this movie from the simple fact that the previews gave me the impression that this was a "squashed squirrel." There are two ways to elicit emotion: 1) provide a cliche device, such as a squashed squirrel (who won't go "awwww" when seeing a small animal hurt?), or 2) earn your audience emotions by providing them with honest writing and believable situations."(...)
- mashby @ imdb
by pxy abyss May 22, 2004
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