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A squeaker a child on an online FPS game ( typically COD, but sometimes Halo, Counterstrike, and others) that gets so upset that they begin to speak in profane slurs. These children are normally between the ages of six to twelve and will normally shout out 'HAKAAAR!' or 'That's bullshit! I'm better than you!' At almost every death that they get. Normally, they have atrociously bad sportsmanship in most shooters and will talk the most trash-talk in the game. They are traditionally really poor at the game and will squeal at any chance to the point most people thirteen and up will want to kill themselves with the MAC10 they have in game.

A squeaker rage is when the squeaker begins to bitch and whine about the game, or when you bitch and whine about the squeaker.
Fifteen year old: just shut up with your squeaker rage already, holy shit dude, you are ruining Halo 4 for me.
by Thecaboose53bunchie April 29, 2015
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