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An unplanned nap of spontaneity....
Bro #1- hey man. so i was like uh watching the jersey shore with my collar popped and i totally crashed after sippin' on half a corona light. it wasn't planned at all

Bro #2- braaaaaaaah. that's so gnarly. i did the same thing

Man in Cubicle- Shhhh! This is a library

Bro#1- Don't you be hatin' on my spot nap, bro!
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A well-needed, much deserved nap after a night of full bacon, eggs and hamtime. A spotnap can occur in a bathroom with rolls of tp as the pillow, under a desk with the chair tucked in after you, or in the Celtic Epics section of your local library. Quite frankly, a spotnap is an undeniable slice of heaven directly after a liquor fueled run at excellence and outright debauchery.
I just spotnapped the shit out of the back of that Q7...
by Coolbreeze228 July 21, 2016
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