Spooky Scary Sunday (aka SSS) Is a show where the one and only Coryxkenshin has his fans send him on twitter some scary videos for him to react. If you get picked, you get a shoutout! go follow coryxkenshin on twitter at @CoryxKenshin get some snacks, and enjoy the show :)
ay bro lets get on youtube coryxkenshin just uploaded a new spooky scary sunday!
by SubToCK September 24, 2020
S S S: spooky scary Sunday

A term used by the famous youtuber CoryxKenshin, used when watching horror shorts on YouTube by other fellow creators
Spooky scary Sunday is where all the samurai come together to relax and grab some snacks”

“Dude, Cory just uploaded a SSS!”

S S S - spooky scary Sunday is terrifying bro let’s watch it later!”
by Vanity’s.siwp September 22, 2021