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1) Someone who looks like Spock from Star Trek, but denies it because it is not a compliment. Everyone agrees he looks like Spock besides him. Every now and again he gets a case of the crackhead shakes. He is sometimes proud of his ignorant behavior. He finds pride in being closed-minded. He must have smoked one too many blunts of schwag in outerspace. He is inferior to Captain Kirk in many ways - especially in penis size. He is a recovering schwagaholic and is currently unemployed. He also doesn't have license, so he can't fly his slow, duck-taped, diesel Mercedes space craft. Sometimes he is funny and he gets punched for it. He is, however, a lot stronger than Dome and steadily beats him in arm wresteling. Also can refer to someone who smokes too many camel lights.

2) Crooked cock.
1) That herb over there just pulled a spock 2.0. He left his fish tank for 3 months without cleaning it and his fish died. Then he had the nerve to bake them and leave the oven on.

Why don't you become an asstronaut like spock 2.0?

You will never be as good as him you will just have to settle for spock 2.0 status.

You're speaking utter nonsense. Please stop being a Spock 2.0.

I just caught spock 2.0 spock 2.0ing all over Sassy's mattress.

Dude, if you don't quit smoking spock 2.0's then you will die from cancer before the age of legal drinking.

Go buy me some fucking cereal. You definitely Spock 2.0'd my Lucky Charms.

Dude, your arm just pulled a Spock 2.0 and suddenly went limp.

2) So, you dropped out of school, and quit your job? What the hell are you gonna do for money, are you gonna start slinging your spock 2.0 on the street?

2) OK, so your cock is crooked. I think they have medicine out there for spock 2.0 dick.
by Sassy McSasserson September 28, 2006
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