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A coworker once suggested that the muffaletta sandwich at the local deli was too big for him to eat. He suggested that another male coworker "split the muffaletta" with him. We all loved the way that sounded for numerous reasons and can envision various definitions of the term. The actual act of splitting a sandwich with another male would seem very homosexual in nature. One wonders where does it stop - splitting a bowl of soup, an ice cream cone, a cold beverage, etc..
The act of "splitting the muffaletta" could be the act of entering a very hairy pubic area; taking on a very tough work project, ie, "this spreadsheet looks hard, looks like we are going to have the split the muffaletta!" Or, taking a crap when you butt cheeks are pimple ridden and pock marked - "I just ate tacos, now ive got to go split the muffaletta."
by muffaletta boy February 06, 2014
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