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A spinny round thing is anything tangible and visible that rotates as part or whole of its known usage.
A spinny round thing is almost always useful and pointing in the general direction of a spinny round thing usually leads the listener to the correct choice of object which has been applied the title spinny round thing.
An oven is not a spinny round thing, nor is a curtain and yet a yo-yo is!
A washing machine is one of the most common spinny round things, so the wife may say to her househusband - "Hey dear, could you empty the spinny round thing when it has conmpleted its cycle and hang the washing on the line to dry?!"

Or - aforementioned househusband (we'll call him Mike as we're getting to know him quite well now)may be using the food mixer to whip up some clotted cream when all of a sudden the spinny round thing stops spinning round (what a thing!) and he may, on his wife's return say to her " I miust go the the electrical store to purchase a new spinny round thing as the old one stopped rotating and don't go in the bin as there's white creamy clots everywhere!
by Barry Davies February 21, 2007
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