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spicy booty syndrome is caused by spicy foods being eaten and leaving outrageously "hot and spicy" coming out,
most commonly caused by big johns "red hot sausage" often so painful and "hot" that the sufferer may often checks for signs of rupturing during the passing. symptoms of spicy booty syndrome or "SBS" are intense sweating without popping a molly,sudden confidence that you can breathe fire through your ass, and very slow and deliberate movements when wiping.
1. Joey just ate a hot sausage, lol that kid is gonna get that spicy booty syndrome later

2. bruh, i should have never had that Jamaican patty from the gas station earlier..i already know i'm gonna get "sbs"

3.girl 1: Deborah didn't know about spicy booty syndrome till i snuck some scorpion pepper into her drink girl:2 she gon learn today lol
by fabrinochi September 19, 2013
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