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A person, often inbred, who engages in hillbilly-ish activities such as porking the pooch, screwing close family relatives (incest), feeding and eating pigs, spitting in a tin can, and playing the "banjo." Often racist towards black peoples, calling them hateful names such as nigger, coon, niglet, negro, etc., and often embarking on coon hunts. Often carries a long-barreled firearm such as a double-barreled shotgun, a regular shotgun (that fires buckshot), or any other similar device. Not to be confused with Chuck Norris or Beverly Hillbillies. Often frequents trailer parks and small country bayous.
The southern persons all went on a coon hunt, got drunk, and then fucked their sisters except for the one of the hobos, who was trippin' on LSD and fucked his cat instead.
by GeorgeBushSucksBalls1234 February 07, 2011
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