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an exclusive grammar school in salisbury, wiltshire which is currently suffering a contagous infestation of brandy melville whores. it is suffering a rife full of slags who shag many private school boys or the notorious bishops wordsworth grammar a partnering school full of white middle class sex offenders. ooh cheeky ;).

maybe here you might find some lesbos in there rare habitat full of those posh twats who ask for a pony for their 13th birthday. with these middle class white girls (dont worry hattie and mathilda we all know you’re a tory ;))

you can meet some proper dope sesh lads there but thats about 20 out of the 1500 that attend that crappy school as the rest are all neeks.

it contains many AMAZING teachers that work there such as the head of pastoral (who tells girls with eating disorders to think of the starving children of africa) and the two convicted pedophiles! (google it yourself u will be amazed ;))

many rooms smell like ass, for some reason the o block smells like rotting bodies like get some febreeze in here. and why does everyone own an eastpak?!

this school is widely hated by chavs and other uneducated scum such as wyvern st edmunds learning campus located in laverstock; the local salisbury comprehensive. the girls that attend this school (aka the walking primark adverts) will often find themselves out of their league trying to pull a bishops boy but failing miserably, sorry but no one can hide that bemerton heath fake tan love😬 (poor plebs).
person 1: do you go to south wilts grammar school for girls?
person 2: yes
person 1: oh that explains why you look like a fag then
by sillywankerrrrrrrrr April 06, 2020
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