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a chicano soilder who represents da blue rag and is down with da blue and with hate north.
it's all about da weed, sex, beer and killing of da week (north siders)
by Baldemar mota December 09, 2003
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Person from the south side of Dublin(past the river Liffey). Stereotypically considered posh.

Posh accent.

Posh clothes;
Girls wear Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle, Juicy Couture, Canterbury, Dubarry Shoes, Ugg boots, good high street shops(eg: River Island, Topshop) or High Fashion brands for the very rich.

Boys wear A&F, Hollister, American Eagle(specifically striped shirts, polo shirts and hoodies), Canterbury and general rugby attire, Dubarrys, good runners(Good Years etc) and good high street shops.

Popular social activities and places include: Wesley Disco(The Wezz), Bondi Beach Club, Starbucks(or other good coffee shops), Dundrum Town Centre, Grafton Street, Stephen's Green, Zumo.

Generally private schools

Fancy cars, yachts, dinghys

Girls play hockey

Boys play rugby
"Omigawd! LOOK at the TOTAL state of that girl? She thinks she's loike a focking SOUTHSIDER?? Ohmigod she's wearing focking Abercrombie loike shit mon? I mean go back to Tallaght wherever the hell that is??!"

D4 Girl "Ohmigod! You see the Ireland v Wales match?? Loike ohmigod! AMAZING!"
Person who knows about rugby "We played crap."

Dan "Becks was a bit nervous about going back to the Northside after her little robber incident but I basically told her that Howth is just like Dalkey but without all the loike celebrities y'know?"
by shave February 04, 2008
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somebody from the southern part of a city. also called a sureno. usually crips if gang related. make the best music and drinks, like purple drank. hate norputos.
my homie from the southside of the atx dropd by n some norteno saw he was a southsider n ran like a norputo.
by WhiteBoi September 30, 2007
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A general collective stereotype for a person from the south of Dublin's Liffey river. Generally percieved to be posh.

All following descriptions are stereotypical perceptions:

Stereotypically from a wealthy Dublin suburb

Generally goes to a private school.

Speaks in a twangy accent which vears from posh Irish to mid Atlantic to mild English to American.

Girls typically wear O'Neills navy tracksuit bottoms with Dubarry boat shoes - dubes. Boys wear a lot of Abercrombie and Fitch, Leinster rugby jerseys.

Typified by the weekly Ross O'Carroll-Kelly column in The Sunday Tribune.

Has penchant for words 'omigod', 'like', 'ledge', 'fock', 'spa', 'totally', 'dude', 'roysh'

Hates Northsiders.

Frequents Wesley disco, Bondi, Club 92
"Omigod, seriously like, focking state, she thinks she's such a southsider, but she's actually from Ballybrack"
"Isn't that like totally on the southside?"
"not the real southside you focking spa."
by Tits McGinty September 23, 2006
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A region in the city of Leicester, UK, there is a place called Hamilton. Within Hamilton, there is a road called Celandine Road, and anyone that lives on the south part of Celandine is called a Southsider.
He is a southsider.

Amal is the man that keeps watch on the Southside of Celandine!
by sachen007 July 02, 2009
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