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Renegade faction of the Sureno's street gang, located in Arizona. SSL gang members can be found in Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, and South Phoenix (SSL is known for old school street shoot-outs with rival gangs and taking control of their "turf" afterwards, which explains why members can be found in several cities). Known as well by law enforcement, SSL does not follow under traditional California Sureno bylaws. In order to become a member, you have to be recruited & prove loyalty to the Gang by "putting in work". They do not believe in the traditional "Jumping in", reason being they say "any body can get their ass beat and survive 13 seconds, that proves nothing." SSL is not your typical group of bald headed street thugs, they organize profit money from underground drug sales and give back to their community in various ways. Mind you, they are still a very dangerous organized street gang with crimes ranging from Assault, Armed Robbery, & Murder. Warning: Avoid S Chandler Blvd, & anywhere from west of Cooper Rd & 8th Avenue, between S Mesa Dr at night.
by StreetGangSpecialist June 29, 2015
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