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1. To fuck a person's body and mind so good their soul belongs to you.

2. To treat some one so good physically and mentally to the point they adore you. Some people put themselves, friends even their kids second to you because you brought them happiness. Though be careful, a weak mofo may kill you or themselves once they learn you're just using them for your own satifactions.
Guy 1: Hey man we kind of hungry and low on money.

Guy 2: No biggie I'll call Kim over to bring some food over to us.

Guy1: You got it like that!

Guy 2: Hell yeah I touched that bitch soul. Their ain't nothing I can do to lose that. Her soul belongs to me, she ain't going no where.

Guy 1: Man I gotta be a soul toucher like you G.
by DragonFly Jones October 21, 2009
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