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Large framed sunglasses commonly worn by sorority girls, celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, and gay men (note: not to be confused with aviators). Often accompanied by Ugg boots, miniskirt, two polo shirts (each with collar popped), and a complete lack of dignity. Manufacturers include Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci.
Frat boy: Dude, look at that blonde chick over there. I wanna bang her.
Non-frat guy: The one in the sorority goggles?
Frat boy: Yeah, dude, and the Uggs. Do you think she'll be up for it?
Non-frat guy: Shouldn't be too hard. She's a tri delt.
Frat boy: Can I borrow a condom?
Non-frat guy: Sure thing. But before you introduce yourself, put your collar down. You look like an idiot.
by Robert B. April 16, 2006
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