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Sorcha is the littest chickest chica you will meet. She always has perfectly straight or perfectly curly hair. Her glasses are not really strong so anyone can wear them! Her hot brother is named after an Irish God - he is an Irish God. She does yoga on saturdays at 11:05 and its frickin' awesome. Sorcha is literally soooooo incredible and she likes chocolate. Also she knows how to make some bomb porridge and hot waterbottles. Her fiddle is a pretty sweet tune and her boyfriends are pretty sweet too. That's right she's a playa' she's pretty cool. She does pretty gucci in school and she knows everybody who is anybody. If you don't have a Socha Mcguinness in your life I highly recommend you get yourself one. She pretty cool.
Dang, have you met Sorcha Mcguinness? No? That sucks.
Wow she's pretty fly, must be a Sorcha Mcguinness.
by logan sartorius February 20, 2018
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