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OK your at a party and you see this very loud prepy hot girl thats very drunk and she is getting hit on by this wanna be gantsa white guy thats drunk as well. They hook up and she gets pregnet and he is never seen again in tell next like 3-4 months and he is doing the samething down the street at another party.
Quin-Damn it taylor shut up!
Taylor-NO i am to fucking hot to fucking deal with you i want to drive to Mc donnalds!!
Sean-i'll take you there.
Taylor-really Sean? i love you!!!
3 hours pass...
Quin-dude were did taylor and sean go?
Rusty-i don't know man...
Quin-you mean? "sonic gave sally the aids"?
Rusty-i think so dude..
Quin-God damn it!! i wanna hit that!
Rusty-nah fool don't! you know what sean does!
by Helldog67 March 11, 2009
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