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Solvet Saeclum in favilla
It's a line off a stanza of a Latin hymn called "Dies Iræ'' which means "The Day of Wrath" it is a Latin hymn written around the 13th century B.C.

Solvet Saeclum In Favilla means "All the world into ashes turning". This hymn basically depicts the tragic end of the world as foretold by David and The Sibyl
Dies Iræ was included in many pieces like Mozart's Mass Requiem and Verdi's Requiem and it is very renowned amongst musicians. This stanza specifically is the moat famous one off the hymn alongside "Lacrimosa Dies Illa".
Choir I : Dies Iræ
Choirs together : Dies illa
Choir II : Solvet saeclum in favilla
by dahlia1112 May 24, 2016
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