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idiomatic noun; a polite euphemism for "blowing sunshine up the ass," or in other words, when someone makes deceptively encouraging or unctuous statements, or false promises, for dishonest purposes like covering up a bad situation or gaining influence with the listener(s).
CEO: "I know you employees are all concerned about more lay-offs, but senior management sincerely believes that our company has effectively right-sized to optimize efficiency and to achieve our goals for profitability. I am satisfied that our jobs are secure..." Worker #1: "Do you believe Mr. Big Boss? Whose goals and jobs is he talking about--I bet by 'ours' he mostly means the good ol' boys in the boardroom!" Worker #2: "You called it, sister! Flush that solar enema where jargony newspeak belongs."
by Gawdamned Yankee November 04, 2011
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