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A sexual act (more a game really) - the process of a male soaking/dipping/coating gracefully his testicles in a substance with the overall aim of having ones swingers licked clean of said substance by a lover.

For this purpose, honey, cream, jam or peanut butter is preferable as to give the Licker a satisfying mouthful.
Over Snapchat -
Boy: Wanna do something freaky when we meet in the local park tomorrow after my dads gone to work and your homework is finished? Xx
Girl: Like what baby who I love so much? xoxoxoxoxxx
Boy: Soggy Nuts is always a game I've wanted to try xx
Girl: Ehm yeah totes! Just don't cum inside me, Mom would kill me xxxxxxxoooooooxxxxxx
by JaeJae171 April 26, 2017
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