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A Soft Daddy/mommy is a dom in the cgl community that isn't hyper dominant, and doesn't tend to be stern or rough with their little. Soft Daddy's dont tend to punish their little's physically with spankings but instead they may just give their sub a time out or temporarily take away their stuffies.
man, my daddy is just the best. He colors with me and buys me sooooo many stuffies. But he just wont punish me...... Maybe he's a Soft Daddy.
by BtsJiminIsEverything July 29, 2018
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term for someone who is commonly thought to be a rugged and tough adventurer, but is in secret a lover of luxury who prefers to stay in 5-star hotels, while telling friends otherwise.
Mr. Smith had an illustrious train-hopping past, but in old age had become a soft daddy, preferring dinners at Momofuku to eating out of dumpsters. See also: fauxbo.
by Jimbo Timbo April 26, 2013
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