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An individual who consumes large amounts of Mountain Dew, Surge, or any kind of energy drink. Just drinking these beverages does not make one a soda drinker, it is an entire sub-culture of people. These kids often spend a lot of time playing online video games like "World of Warcraft", "Counterstrike", or other games like "Dungeons and Dragons." Many love anime, and bad movies like "Donnie Darko" or the "Blade" series. Styles of dress include bondage pants with lots of straps and buckles on them, an unnecessary amount of large wallet chains, all black clothing, a shirt that says something along the lines of "Do I look like a f***ing people person?" on them, very obscure makeup on their faces, and huge boots, sometimes with spikes or chain mail on them. Music choices often include Insane Clown Posse, Slipknot, Ministry, Staind, Linkin Park, and/or Disturbed.
"Look at all those soda drinkers lined up for the Slipknot show."

"What do you call those goth kids that hang around a dead end town? A soda drinker right?"
by Nick_Likes_To_Sweep_Pick May 06, 2008
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