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1. A derogatory term used by ignorant U.S. rightwingers to describe the forms of affordable and efficient health care practiced in Canada and many parts of Europe and elsewhere. Originally coined in the 1950s to defeat any proposal to limit the rights of doctors and insurance and drug companies in the U.S. to profit from disease and human misery.

2. Any proposal advanced by a Democrat or anyone else on the left to improve the ruinously expensive and inefficient U.S. health care system.
1. "I don't care if people live longer and healthier lives in Canada. That shit is socialized medicine, and it takes away my right to go bankrupt and die when my insurance company pulls the plug."

2. "Hillary's health care plan was a give-away to the drug companies and the HMOs."
"I don't care. She's a Democrat, so her plan was really socialized medicine."
by Max Debord April 15, 2007
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