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A person so socially inept that they themselves are unaware of their own rung on the social ladder. Social vegetables are literally unaware of social distinctions altogether, and are incapable of understanding the concept.
Basically, it is a person who, socially, has their head stuck in the ground, like a vegetable sprout, incapable of comprehending their own plight. Also, similar to an incapacitated person in a vegetative state (aka, a vegetable), but socially. Social vegetables should be studied from a distance and never interacted with, for engage a social vegetable in social interaction has unpredictable results, ranging from awakening a suicidal maniac to turning that person into a social leech.
Hey Mark, look at that kid over there in the suspenders and pokeman shirt sitting by himself. I think he's in my psych lecture. Man is he a social vegetable.
by DarkRob2000 April 10, 2006
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