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A japanese culture enthusiast who is conscious about modern social justice values and ideas, and embraces them without abandoning the former.

An interesting exercise in doublethink, since it's well known that sex negativity and other values characteristic in SJ circles are at odds with Japan's more open stance with sexual themes and gender representation in fiction, as evidenced by the country's most known entertainment forms.

The presence of social justice weebs in social media has arisen in the wake of discussions regarding the surge of criticism, biased coverage and calls for banning or censorship of japanese entertainment media, mostly videogames.
"Localization in the west is necessary, japanese game developers have to be wary of sensibilities in the western market if they want to cater to them. You're just a bunch of perverts."
-Social justice weeb posting with a Matoi Ryuko avatar
by virtualboycolor September 19, 2016
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