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The aftermath of consuming the sugary liquid remains of a snow cone, resulting in multi-colored human feces forcefully exiting the body via rectum by means of intense and concentrated discharge over a long period of time.
1. Man, I couldn't go to school yesterday because I had the worst snow cone squirts of my life.
2. I had to provide a stool sample for my foot doctor, and I really hope they can still use bad cases of the snow cone squirts as a valid stool sample.
3. "Bro, you were in the bathroom for so long, were you shitting bricks?"

"Was it the Hershey squirts?"
"No. Even worse."

"Oh no. It can't be..."
"Yes. The legends are true... I had the snow cone squirts"

*dies instantly*
by JumpyMantella August 22, 2017
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